BMW 4 Series Overview

Should you buy a new BMW 4 Series? The latest models have been updated to include some new tech and performance features, like a twin turbo 440i that puts out a ton of horsepower. However, you also get a lot of horsepower at the base with the turbo engine that comes standard. The latest models also come with a revised suspension, new infotainment system, and wireless phone charging, as well as a Wi-Fi hotspot. There are also a ton of new safety features as well. 

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Active Lane Keeping Buys You Time

The members of the BMW 6 series of luxury sedans provide drivers with many under-the-hood features that create power and performance. These features include 8-speed automatic transmissions as well as engines capable of putting out up to 600-horsepower. With this much horsepower at play, it can help for drivers to have a little back up when it comes to vehicle handling. The BMW proprietary Active Lane Keeping system offers drivers a laundry list of driver assistance and backup features designed to maximize safety. 

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Overview of the Powerful BMW 3 Series

The 2018 BMW 3 Series is one of the top luxury small cars on the market. It currently has a higher score in safety and performance than many other cars in the market. It has comfortable and spacious seating, robust trims with fine-tuned engines, and handling that allows you to take on any road with ease.

Some of the new features include a rearview camera for driver safety warnings, like blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, pre-collision warnings, and so much more. The four-door version has great pickup, with powertrains that give you ample strength to accelerate easily. 

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Customizable Options in the BMW 5 Series

With the BMW 5 Series, you don't have to settle for average. The popular luxury mid-sized sedan is available in a range of configurations. Not only that, but numerous upgrade packages are available to make your new car your own.

The simplest trim option includes just the essentials. It comes equipped with BMW's navigation system, sports seats, and LED headlights. If you want something more impressive, you can opt to go with the Executive Tier. It has Automatic High Beams, Parking Assist Plus, and soft-close doors. 

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Make Your BMW 2 Series One of a Kind

When we look at this popular coupe, we see a high performance vehicle built into a compact package. With the BMW 2 Series, it’s been redesigned with all of the power but none of the excess.

With the luxury body style you get an overall impressive look to your 2 Series. Chrome accents show off the grille, tailpipe and other parts of the body. The M Sport style just reinforces the image of the 2 Series as a racing design. 

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BMW 7 Series at the Summit of Luxury Sedans

Known for its exceptional attention to detail and styling, the BMW 7 Series is the apex of quality and luxury in its class. As the flagship vehicle of the BMW brand, the 7 Series full-size sedan is a study in refinement. The adaptive drive feature enables the vehicle to adjust to any road condition and drive preference, providing a fully customizable ride. The exclusive Panoramic Sky Lounge brings the outdoors into the cabin with its expansive vista. This roof is a perfect complement to the detailed ambient lighting designed to enhance any mood.


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How do I Test My Battery with a Voltmeter?

Your battery is a repository of electrical charge in the form of voltage. When you test your battery, you must take care not to short the battery by connecting the positive and negative poles without a resistor. Using a voltmeter to make the connection is a safe way to make the connection between the opposite poles as a current resistor is built into the device.

To check your voltage level using a voltmeter, your first step is to check and make sure all your lights and the ignition switch are off. 

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Prevent Tire Blowout With Maintenance

Your tires are one of the most important parts of your car. They're your only real contact with the road. Blowing out a tire is dangerous, scary and can cause the car to spin out of control. Luckily, with proper tire maintenance, blowouts can mostly be avoided.

Checking tire pressure and wear to the treads is the most important step. Check your pressure when your car has had a chance to cool down, about three hours after you've finished driving for the day. It should be within the published range your car's manufacturer recommends. 

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How Can You Tell if Your Ignition is Damaged?

If your car isn't starting, it's sometimes the fault of your battery, and often, that's what many will assume is the issue at first glance. Sometimes it's not your battery that's dead, but rather an issue with your ignition. How can you tell if the problem is your starter? There are a few issues that may crop up if your ignition isn't working properly, and they can be used to identify the issue easily.

If your starter drive gear gives off a grinding noise, or your engine starts freewheeling, giving you nothing but a…

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What are Gaskets?

If you are going to be buying a car soon, it is important to know the basics about a vehicle first. That is why we here at BMW of Fairfax are here to tell you all about one small aspect of your car which often go ignored: your gaskets.

A gasket forms a seal between two parts within your engine, ensuring that nothing gets in or out that isn't supposed to be there. If you have a bad gasket, you should go to a dealer for servicing as quickly as possible. 

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