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When you bring your car or SUV to BMW of Fairfax, you are assured that our expert-level technicians will properly service your vehicle. One of the most critical steps that we take to ensure superior results is using OEM replacement parts when needed. If you plan to work on your car or SUV at home, you can order the same OEM parts that our technicians use through the website. We support you in your efforts to maximize the longevity and reliability of your BMW.

Benefits of OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts


You can purchase aftermarket parts for your BMW on numerous auto parts supply websites, but be aware that the quality of auto parts varies dramatically. Aftermarket parts that are sold via most of these websites are produced by third parties that do not comply with the same level of quality standards that we do. Their longevity and overall reliability may be questionable. On the other hand, OEM parts are original equipment manufacturer parts. The same trusted parts manufacturers produce these that BMW relies on when assembling its vehicles. They have known and trusted quality, and this enables you to complete your at-home repair or maintenance project with confidence. When you install OEM parts in your vehicle, you are taking an essential step toward returning your BMW to its original condition through your repair and maintenance efforts.

Warranty & Support

A warranty does not typically back aftermarket parts, and consumer support may be minimal at best. When these parts malfunction or break, your only realistic option may be to spend more time and money redoing the work. If you choose to order OEM parts online, the condition and longevity of those parts are backed by a solid warranty. Also, friendly and helpful customer support is available for you to access as needed. Warranties are honored at BMW dealerships across the country for your convenience.

Proper Fit & Ease of Replacement

Aftermarket parts are usually generic parts. They may be used for numerous comparable makes and models, and this means that they do not have a snug, secure fit in any model. OEM parts are produced by a trusted manufacturer, specifically for one make and model. They fit perfectly, which means that they will perform well in your vehicle. Besides, they are faster and easier to install.

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