BMW of Fairfax Named a 2020 Top 100 Dealership by

BMW of Fairfax Named a 2020 Reputation Industry Leader

Since the pandemic started, it has taken a severe toll on the operations of all types of businesses. In order to continue meeting customers’ needs, auto dealerships have been forced to adapt to the times and to make tremendous improvements in essential ways. Recently, has announced that BMW of Fairfax is on its list of Top 100 Dealerships. Specifically, this list is assembled annually through a detailed review of digital data about the dealerships. The BMW dealership’s placement on this list is a true honor that highlights the hard work of our many dedicated team members.

What to Expect from BMW of Fairfax

Approximately 18,000 auto dealerships throughout the United States and Canada are carefully analyzed based on stats from a variety of factors in order to determine their placement. A few of the many factors that reviews include the number and positivity of online reviews, the availability, and popularity of valet service, and the dealership’s sales volume. With these and other powerful factors analyzed thoroughly, you can see that BMW of Fairfax is a leading auto dealership in the area and throughout the country.

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Our friendly team at BMW of Fairfax wants to be a part of your upcoming auto purchase, and we want to continue to serve you by providing high-quality auto care in our shop. Reach out to our associates at BMW of Fairfax today to inquire about our inventory and services. We are always happy to schedule an appointment so that a team member is waiting for your arrival.