Have You Ever Thought About What Makes a BMW a BMW?

There’s a tremendous amount of thought that goes into creating a BMW, and it all comes together in a sophisticated dance of engineering and visionary design. At BMW of Fairfax, we wanted to give you a glimpse into the process.


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Every BMW makes a great first impression, with elegant curves and distinct shaping, but they’ve been designed to be both functional and beautiful. The traditional kidney grille, introduced in 1933, was designed in an effort to reduce aerodynamic drag. The provocatively-named Hofmeister Kink (that bend in the roof supports that divide the rear windows from the back glass) cleverly draws attention to the trademark rear-wheel drive. The quad headlights first came about as a way to differentiate between classes of 3-Series vehicles, have now become a standard design marker for almost all BMW vehicles.

The simple question of, “what if?” drives BMW innovation, leading their engineers to devise industry-leading mobility solutions, exciting technologies and a state-of-the-art driving experience. For instance, the nearly-ideal 50/50 weight balance provides every BMW model with stellar road-hugging ability. Valvetronic technology allows engines to breathe more easily, thus increasing fuel economy and performance.

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