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Used Cars, Trucks & SUVs for Sale in Fairfax, VA

With the start of the new year, many people decide it's finally time to buy a new car. But instead of opting for the all-new and most expensive version of a car possible, why not go for a less expensive pre-owned vehicle instead? As a premier BMW dealership in Fairfax, we can tell you there are many compelling reasons to get a pre-owned car. From cost savings to retaining a resale value, the benefits of investing in a used car are infinite. We are proud to offer a premium inventory of quality pre-owned vehicles. The inventory changes regularly, so you are encouraged to arrange a test drive if you see a car you want, as it might not stay! If you don't see what you want right away, just check back frequently, as our selection changes regularly. 

Benefits of Buying Used Cars

When you shop for a car, you have dozens of choices to make. Some are fun options like what color you want and what amenities are most important. But there are also practical choices to make, such as how much you can comfortably spend on a car and whether or not your selected model is considered to be a high-quality and long-lasting car. 

By choosing to get a car that's not brand new, you're essentially assuring yourself substantial cost savings. A new vehicle can cost much more than the exact same version that comes pre-owned. What accounts for this difference, you wonder? One main factor is depreciation, which is a loss in value. By the one-year mark, a car will have lost up to 20% of its initial value. It continues to lose about 10% in value after that. By the car is five years old, its value is 50% less than the initial price! Along with saving money on your car purchase, you can expect to have a resale value that is closer to what you initially paid for the car if you choose a pre-owned model. 

A second reason to consider getting a used car is that by the time you go to buy a car, you will have had a chance to read consumer and critic reviews. This means you'll know of any problems that a model has, such as recalls, performance flaws, and reliability issues. Knowing these concerns can easily make or break your decision about getting a car. If you get a new car, in contrast, you're taking a risk assuming that everything on the car works fine. 

Quality Used Cars

Since we're in the business of making customers happy, it's only natural that we want to give them the best care possible. And in our case, selling quality vehicles is not a matter of choice - it's a commitment. When you come to test drive a vehicle, rest assured you'll be testing (and possibly buying) a car that has been closely inspected by our detail-oriented mechanics. With an expert eye looking over every corner and crevice, our mechanics clear only cars that meet their rigorous standards. 

As your local reliable Jaguar dealership, we're here to serve the needs of all customers. If you're searching for a quality pre-owned Jaguar, let us assist in your car purchase decisions. With a knowledgeable staff on hand to explain the benefits of getting a used car to a large choice of quality vehicles, we are committed to making our customers happy. Call, contact us online, or stop in when you want to ask questions or arrange a test drive.

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