Future BMWS

The All-New 6 Gran Coupe: a stunning addition to an alluring model.

Sleek  contours. Impressive driving dynamics. Generous proportions. And four  doors. Introducing an exciting, and accommodating, new addition to the  BMW 6 Series lineup–capable of propelling 5 passengers with up to 445  horses, all unleashed by high-performing BMW TwinPower Turbos.
The all-new ActiveHybrid 5: Intelligence breeds efficiency.
BMW  does the unthinkable by combining a TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder  engine, an electric drive system and an eight-speed automatic gearbox  for the very first time – delivering performance and efficiency, all at  once.
The all-new 3 Series Sedan: an icon has been redefined.
The all-new 3 Series Sedan features more power, more innovative  technology and a sleeker design. And for the first time ever, you can  now customize it with your choice of three available unique lines.

The all-new M5: our most powerful yet.
The all-new  M5 lives up to its iconic name with the introduction of the most  powerful engine ever fitted in a series-produced M model.
The all-electric BMW ActiveE.
100% Electric. 100%  BMW. A groundbreaking union of modern design and the innovation of  emission-free mobility is making its US, on-road debut this year. Start  the recruitment process now to become one of the first to drive the  all-new, all-electric BMW ActiveE.