Today's BMW 3 Series is a premier small luxury sedan or wagon that rings in the spirit of agility and performance that we all love so much in Fairfax. Your 3 Series features the premium M model, a true testament to the power of the brand. From the silky smooth curves to the striking physique that delights owners and prospective owners, the 3 Series features powerful capabilities.

The M340i has a powerful 382 horsepower engine that makes for robust, dynamic driving experiences. Suspension systems were designed and inspired by the Nürburgring, so you know you're getting a race worthy driving experience. The M trim features a driving experience like no other, ushering in sports brake, differential, and suspension.

You've got to have a cockpit that lives up to the driving experience, so BMW designed the interior of the 3 Series with Rich Vernasca leather upholstery, an unbelievably refined material enhanced for true luxury. If you want to experience the 3 Series, please call us here at BMW of Fairfax.



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