A Few Signs You Need Ignition System Service

What are some warning signs that your car's ignition system needs service? Let's look at three of the most common ones.

The first is a grinding sound coming from the starter when you turn the key. Deep inside the starter, the gear drive sits next to the flywheel. When you turn the key, the gear drive starts spinning and engages the flywheel. If the gear drive is worn down, however, it can have trouble engaging the flywheel. This causes the grinding noise. The second sign of trouble is a whining noise. This happens when the gear drive is so worn that it cannot engage the flywheel at all.

The third sign of trouble is smoke coming out of the starter. It's a major sign of severe problems. If any of these warning signs show up, you need to get the ignition system looked at immediately. Get the car to BMW of Fairfax for service.



Categories: Parts
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