Keep Your Car in Good Condition During Winter

Here at BMW of Fairfax, we know that the winter months can get very cold, dark, and icy. That is not a good combination for the health of your vehicle. As such, we decided to put together some handy tips to help you keep your car in good condition this winter.

When the streets are icy, it becomes much more difficult to retain control of your vehicle. Without taking the proper precautions, skidding and sliding off the road is sure to follow. A good set of winter tires is the best way to prevent things such as this from happening. They will improve your traction control and keep your car moving in the right direction.

Of course, tire pressure is also extremely important. As the air temperature drops, so too does your tire pressure - so it is vital that you check your pressure and top it up as necessary during winter. After all, driving around on an underinflated tire can be very dangerous.



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