How Can You Tell if Your Ignition is Damaged?

If your car isn't starting, it's sometimes the fault of your battery, and often, that's what many will assume is the issue at first glance. Sometimes it's not your battery that's dead, but rather an issue with your ignition. How can you tell if the problem is your starter? There are a few issues that may crop up if your ignition isn't working properly, and they can be used to identify the issue easily.

If your starter drive gear gives off a grinding noise, or your engine starts freewheeling, giving you nothing but a high-pitched whine, then you may have ignition problems. You could also have ignition issues if your solenoid is busted, which often seems like a dead battery without close inspection. You could also see problems if your vehicle's starter has become drenched in oil due to a leak.

If you're having any of these issues and want to have your ignition system serviced, then pay us a visit here at BMW of Fairfax today! Our Fairfax, VA location can offer you the service you need and have your ignition working like new in no time flat!

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