Active Lane Keeping Buys You Time

The members of the BMW 6 series of luxury sedans provide drivers with many under-the-hood features that create power and performance. These features include 8-speed automatic transmissions as well as engines capable of putting out up to 600-horsepower. With this much horsepower at play, it can help for drivers to have a little back up when it comes to vehicle handling. The BMW proprietary Active Lane Keeping system offers drivers a laundry list of driver assistance and backup features designed to maximize safety.

The BMW driver lane-keeping and active assistant feature makes use of a system of cameras and other sensors to map the nearby surroundings of the sedan. Data from the sensors powers a number of driver assistance systems that include collision alerts, speed limit warnings, blind-spot coverage, and active cruise control. Some of these features are capable of handling most driver functions for several seconds in the event of emergencies.

Here at our location, drivers can try out the active assistance features for themselves from behind the wheel of one of our BMW 6 Series stock of vehicles. To see the difference that driver assistance tools make, come by BMW of Fairfax today for no obligation test run.



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