Is Copper Better Than Aluminum for Radiator Cores?

Radiator cores are the central parts of your radiator. They route hot coolant through the center of the radiator where it is cooled by airflow from the fans and vehicle motion. Cores can be made out of many different metals, but two of the most popular choices are aluminum and copper.

Copper is too soft to form core-material on its own, so it is often combined with brass for structural strength. Copper and brass radiator cores tend to be heavier than aluminum cores, but also have slightly better heat removal capabilities.

Aluminum cores are strong and also light. This combination allows designers to make aluminum radiator tubes larger than brass/copper models, while at the same time saving weight.

Whether you have an aluminum or brass/copper core, it needs occasional professional attention to ensure peak operation. Our BMW heating and cooling technicians have experience with a variety of core types and will take good care of yours. Stop by our Fairfax service location today for a quick radiator system consultation and find out if your car requires new radiator parts to keep it running.

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