Keep Your Transmission in Peak Condition

Whenever you take your vehicle in for an oil change, you may be encouraged to change the transmission fluid. Although you may be tempted to delay fluid replacement, it’s no joke that might put this vital system at risk if you do.

Just like engine oil, transmission fluid also goes through a punishing process. It ensures that our vehicles change gears efficiently, controls our engine revolutions per minute, and regulates transmission temperature. However, the chaotic environment causes the eventual breakdown and contamination of the fluid. That’s why car manufacturers recommend changing the fluid at regular intervals. Regular maintenance reduces the amount of part degradation and failure within the transmission.

Don’t wait any longer! Call our BMW service station in Fairfax, VA to take advantage of our complete and affordable transmission service. Aside from changing the fluid, we’ll make sure your gaskets, filters, and sump pans are clean and replaced if necessary. Let us help your transmission live a long life!

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