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    • Mike Walker
      General Manager

      Mike has worked with our company for the past 8 years and has lived in Fairfax for 24 years. Born in South Carolina and grew up in North Carolina, Arkansas and Kansas. He is married and has one son.

      I appreciate you visiting our web site and look forward to having my wonderful staff, or me personally, assist you in any way we can. I entered this industry 24 years ago because of how easy it was to stand out in the crowd by simply doing business The Right Way, Every Day. I am proud to work for a Fortune 300 Company that shares the exact same honest, candid, and transparent philosophy as it pertains to doing business.

    • John Hayes
      New BMW Sales Manager

    • Pete Walsh
      New Car Sales Manager
      703-560-2300 ext. 3907

      Thanks for visiting our Web page and Thanks for the opportunity to show you why the Ultimate Driving Machine belongs in your drive way!

      I have been in the automobile business since 1983! I joined Sonic Automotive in 2010 as I started with Lexus of Rockville as the Pre-Owned Manager, before eventually caving in to BMW, the Ultimate Driving Machine!

      I have my wife Melissa and my three wonderful kids Steven, Sirena and Billy ranging in age from 12 to 20. When away from the office, family and golf are my true passion and there is a pretty good chance you will find me on the golf course either playing or watching my kids play!

    • Chip Geppi
      Pre-Owned Sales Manager

      Thanks for checking out our website. My name is Chip Geppi,I have been with BMW for8 years. BMW makes the best cars in the world, and I hope you can add one to your driveway. I have an extensive background in product knowledge and market trends. My Favorite BMW is the M Roadster.

    • Qais Yousefi
      Pre-Owned Sales Manager
      703-560-2300 ext. 3942

    • Andrew Caprio "Drew"
      Finance Manager
      703.560.2300 office

    • Jaafar Soulimani
      Finance Manager

    • Feroz Naderpoor
      Finance Manager
      703-560-2300 ext. 3942

    • James Duerbeck
      U.S., European, Performance Center & VIP Client Sales
      703.409.9100 mobile

      Welcome to BMW of Fairfax. I'm glad you decided to contact me. Here is a little about me;I am a long time BMW enthusiastand I have been driving BMWs since I was 17 years old. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, flying,and taking myBimmers to the racetrack. I also am anInstructor with numerousHPDE driving schools includingSummitpoint-Raceway, Track Daze, Aston Martin Car Club, Chin, and many others.I have maintained an excellent rating in customer satisfaction with my clients."Mypassionis to provide a buying experience that is equal to the BMW drive". I specialize in European Delivery, Performance Center Delivery, Special Orders, and more. I look forward to the opportunity to be of assistance to you in meeting your automotive needs. Please call me at 703.409.9100 or email me atjames.duerbeck@bmwoffairfax.com atyour convenience to arrange a test-drive in the "Ultimate Driving Machine".


      James Duerbeck,
      U.S., European,Performance,
      &DiplomaticSales Specialist
      BMW of Fairfax
      8427 Lee Highway
      Fairfax, VA 22031
      Mobile: 703.409.9100
      Fax: 703.560.8931

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    • Cooper Blasz
      BMW Genius

      What is a Genius?

      Our role is to assist customers throughout the configuration process of purchasing their new BMW, ensuring that all your needs are met and followed through to the point of finding the correct model and specification to suit. We will help give you a full demonstration of the vehicle and any options fitted, ensuring the customer fully understands all aspects of the vehicle so the potential of the technology can be maximised.

      We will be happy to accompany all customers on their test drive in order for them to feel relaxed, with no buying pressure and drive the car in a manner suited to their daily use. It is at this point any specific queries about the vehicle can be answered and demonstrated.

      At the point of collection/handover of the customer's car we will endeavour to be involved in the demonstration of the vehicle, in order for customers to fully understand the intricle workings of the technology. With the Genuis being involved at this stage the customer can feel at ease with no time constraints to ask any questions and have everything demonstrated fully.

      Our Geniuses will also be happy to assist you with any Post Delivery product enquiries or questions you may have.

      Customers are welcome to drop infor a coffee and a further demonstration. Alternatively Cooper Blasz will be on hand to be contacted by telephone or email

    • Erick Bautista
      eSales Agent

    • Jessica Lerche
      eSales Agent

    • Kelsey Weaver
      eSales Agent

    • Mary Gerrety
      eSales Agent

    • Veenu Budwal
      eSales Agent

      BMW is the Ultimate Driving Machine.

      I want to make your experience at BMW of Fairfax as simple and straightforward as possible.

      Contact me to set up your VIP appointment!

    • Petr Mastny
      Client Advisor & VIP Sales
      571.451.4239 mobile

      Hi, I'm Petr, thanks for taking the time to see our website. Here is some information about me; I am originally from the Czech Republic (I do speak Czech). I am an avid swimmer, I was the national champion of the Czech Republic in swimming the 1500 meter freestyle. I have been a passionate BMW Motor Cycle and Automobile enthusiast for many years. I started with BMW of Fairfax, where I can finally work with the finest manufacturer and dealer on the planet. Please call or email me to
      arrange a road test in a new BMW.

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      VIP Sales

    • Brian Markulin
      Senior Client Advisor
      814.883.3325 cell/703.560.2300 office

      Hello valued customer. Thank you for choosing to work with BMW of Fairfax and myself.

      Here is some information about me. I am very passionate of the BMW product. I would only work with a product that I believe in and I truly believe in BMW. You are looking at a premium product and deserve a premium service and would like to offer that kind of service to you.

      I have been with BMW of Fairfax since August of 2005, and have been given the opportunity to become anCorporate Fleet Program Specialist, Limousine and HotelShuttle Program Specialist, Sonic VIP and Concierge Specialist, European, Diplomatic and Performance Delivery Specialist.

      Thank you,

      Brian Markulin

      BMW of Fairfax

      Senior Client Advisor

      Corporate Fleet Program Specialist

      Limousine and Hotel Shuttle Program Specialist

      Sonic VIP and Concierge Specialist

      European, Diplomatic and Performance Delivery Specialist


      703-560-2300 office

      814-883-3325 cell

      703-560-8931 fax

      Description: http://burnyourfuel.com/My_Files/BMW/bmw_logo.jpg

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      Brian Markulin & BMW of Fairfax

      I have worked with Brian Markulin for a number of years, possibly more than seven now. We have test driven at least three models of vehicles over the years, and in all cases he has remained enthusiastic, friendly, and patient. He is an exceptional, professional, and meticulous sales advisor, remembering tidbits of details we discussed, relaying pertinent information, and following through on any questions I have had. Throughout my order and delivery process, Brian was without dispute very responsive, communicating allocation availability, delivery schedules, and catering to my two changes without even a hint of bother. The reason I enjoy working with Brian so much is because he knows his product, and yet has remained enthusiastic and patient these years up to and after my final BMW selection. I have interacted with other BMW dealerships, but none have retained my loyalty better than the service I received from Brian with BMW of Fairfax.

      Dare we label him "The Ultimate Sales Advisor"? I think it is a befitting title.

      C.P. - April 2014

    • Thomas Cavey
      Client Advisor
      703-560-2300 ext. 3905

    • Abed Abutaa
      Client Advisor

      Hi, thanks for considering us! I am a local Washingtonian, serviced in the U.S. Army, and now I am selling the "Ultimate Driving Machine". I'm married and have two wonderful children, Mohammad and Sarah. Look me up on your next visit here.


      Abed Abutaa

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    • Ayesha Panakure
      Client Advisor

      Hi, my name is Ayesha Panakure. I am very excited to assist you with your NEW BMW.


      by from Silver Spring MD |

      Last year, I decided to buy a brand new BMW X3 but it did not happen because of really bad experiences with car's sales people.. Attracted by good deals, I decided to visit BMW of Fairfax with my wife..This year, the car buying experience completely changed. I was delightfully surprised by Ayesha Panakure at BMW of Fairfax. .She transformed an otherwise usually painful process for me into a very pleasant friendly experience. She manage to satisfy all my requests about the deal and answered all the questions professionally.. Very relaxed she provided all the time necessary to show the SUV, to compare with BMW X1 and to test drive. She never rush or push me into the deal. Ayesha provided a car-wonderful buying experience because of her professionalism and friendliness. The financial part of deal was also remarkable because of Maryam who conducted and transformed an otherwise boring process into a wonderful talk about BMW and dealership services. She explain in detail every single paper I signed and overall she demonstrated an excellent professional financial service. I most likely return to BMW of Fairfax in the future if a need another car"

    • Jim Sabo
      Client Advisor

    • Kenny Kang
      Client Advisor

      Korean Client Advisor , I speak Korean! I am your #1 Choice for Korean Sales

    • Dennis Tabligan
      Client Advisor

      Hi! I speak Tagalog!

    • Jude Madubuko
      Client Advisor

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    • Mike Farzam
      Client Advisor

    • Mike Navidi
      Client Advisor

    • Jay McGovern
      Service & Parts Department Director
      703.286.3426 direct

    • Frankie Johnson
      Senior Service Advisor "Rated #1 in Region for Customer Service by BMW"
      703.286.3412 direct

      I am a long time BMW and motorcycle enthusiast. I have been driving BMWs since 2002. I have been employed with BMW of Fairfax since 2003. In my spare time I enjoy drag racing motorcycles, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and many other outdoor activities. I have maintained an excellent rating in customer satisfaction with my clients throughout the years.I am currently ranked #1 in outstanding customer service in our area and #2 in the entire region by BMW of North America. I am also the recipient of the "O.B.S. Elite Award" from Sonic Automotive. This award is given to individuals that have proven to be the best of the best. Mypassionis to continue to provide top-level service day in and day out. I look forward to the opportunity to be of assistance to you in meeting your automotive needs. Please feel free to call me at 703.286.3412 or email me atFrankie.johnson@bmwoffairfax.com if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment for your "Ultimate Driving Machine".

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    • Debra
      Receptionist New Car Sales

    • Charles Barber
      Service Department Manager

    • Andreea Rebaltescu
      Service Advisor

    • Laszlo Babos
      Service Advisor

    • Jerell Latham
      Service Advisor

    • Dewain
      Retail Parts Advisor
      703.220.0227 mobile

    • Deborah Burns
      Servic/Parts Cashier
      703.286.3400 main

    • Martir Romero
      Lot Engineer
      703.560.2300 office

    • Melanie Burns
      Warranty Administrator

    • Ed Christensen
      Loaner Advisor
      703-560-2360 ext. 3499

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